We are, first and foremost,a
community for creators

We built DYT for just about anyone with the zeal to create. Think of us as a space where content creators become better advocates.
By creators, we don’t mean folks who pose in Yeezys because they've been paid to do so. We mean people passionate about what they do, the ones who scrimp and save to get their hands on the very same Yeezy’s and flaunt them with pride.

A Team Of 40 & Growing


This is our origin story

Once, there was a man who got fed up with the incessant internal drumbeat to do his own thng. So, he took a stance and founded Do Your Thng in 2019.
He believed every person has the power to sway someone, be it friends, family or colleagues. This belief formed the heart of Do Your Thng along with sweat and tears, dreams and joys. We hope it stirs and hones oodles of creators to be who they want to be.

The who of DYT

A small team with a big impact


Ankit Agarwal

Founder and CEO

Ankit, the gale force behind DYT, brings 11+ years of experience in digital marketing, advertising & social media management. Over this period, he worked with some of the hottest brands – Audi, Durex, Microsoft.

Hemant Dua

Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer

Hemant, the mainsail navigating DYT, brings 23+ years of experience in global leadership, and strategic development. Over this period, he held the position of CEO, Delhi Daredevils, structuring the first-ever IPL franchise divestment.


The Team

Running the inner workings, from fostering new creators to executing crazy product ideas.

Bhavna Darira

Business Head

Dea Srivastava

Client Partner

Priyanka Sharma


Sakshi Singh


Radhika Khatri

Client Success Intern

Aayushi Saxena

Associate Director

Vaishnavi M

Executive Client Success

Simran Anand

Sr. Brand Executive

Shweta Bisht

Sr. Community Executive 

Bhanu Yadav

Sr. Designer

Ayush Tandon

Brand Executive 

Vatsala Bharti

Community Executive

Deepak S Madambi

Tech Lead

Shekhar Singh

Product Manager

Harihar Khobragade

Senior Software Engineer

Parth Bisht

Data Scientist

Vedang Jadhav

QA Engineer

Tanya Kumawat

Product Designer

Vikash Rawat

Software Engineer

Mani Kiran

iOS Developer

Aryan Subudhi

QA Engineer

Tushar Sharma

Android Developer Intern

Ashutosh Kaushik

Junior DevOps

Keerthika Khot

Senior Software Engineer

Amit Vijay Singh

Junior Data Scientist

Ishita Chakrabarty

Manager Human Resources