We are a shared economy platform for digital properties.
And we’re changing the influencer game.

Billions of social-media accounts in the world and millions in India alone.
Do Your Thng opens the doors to use all of them as brand advocates.


Keeping trust and authenticity, front and centre.

How Does DYT Work?

DYT connects your brand, product or service with the right users.

How do you reach a unique community of influencers
with over billion collective subscribers?

Create a campaign

Join the platform, select from thousands of influencers based on location, demographics, interests, and preferences.

Send it out to the world

Only your target users see the campaign. They add and then post it to their organic content (with the help of DYT).

Et voilà!

Sit back and watch as your campaign connects with millions of people and gains traction!

Not convinced?

DYT runs on transparency. Our checks (and double checks) take bots, fake followers, frauds, profanity and nudity out of the equation. We keep your brand as safe as houses.

Big influencers comprise of only a small percentage of the total social media users

Need some more convincing?
Let's talk.

We’ll give you a demo of how Do Your Thng helps you capture an untapped market.

As we said, there are billions of active social media users.

A personal endorsement is always, and we mean, always, better. That’s what DYT gives your brand.

We’ve made the chaotic influencer marketing space efficient, transparent and safe.