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#SettleSubtle for Intel Evo


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We are more than a creator community platform. Our goal is to help you find brand advocates and fans to build the best influencer marketing campaigns.

The recipe for successful influencer marketing campaigns

The first ingredient to a successful collaboration is synergy between brands and creators, particularly those hungry to create. It’s a principle we abide by religiously, and our influencer marketing case studies stand testament to it.

The second ingredient to a successful campaign is authenticity and engaging creator content. Follower numbers mean very little when a mega-influencer or celebrity can’t deliver KPIs. It’s the genuineness of the content and the loyalty of the creator’s community that bring in hard results. 

A small yet niche audience with high engagement is always better than a large audience with low engagement. Our micro-influencer marketing case study with Mastercard or Klairs is proof of it. 

With Instagram ruling the digital world, we’ve worked with plenty of creators to generate brand awareness, lift, and sales through the platform. Logitech, Intel, and Khel Rummy are three Instagram influencer case studies that delivered tangible results. 

Intel had a cost per engagement of ₹0.9. Logitech had a cost per engagement (CPE) of ₹1.8. The industry average is ₹3 in both categories. Khel Rummy had a cost per engagement (CPE) of ₹0.24, while the standard in the category is ₹4. These numbers give brands the confidence to work with our community of creators. 

DYT takes an outcome-based approach to influencer campaigns. Our tech platform powers this approach, using AI to discover creators for brands and analytics to measure campaign performance. Take a look at any of our case studies and they’ll highlight two pivotal details. 

One, our CPE is always lower than the industry average. Two, our campaigns and creators bring in through-the-roof engagement rates. For Beyond Water, with just 27 content pieces, we reached over 192,500 users and crossed 169,900 total engagements. For Savlon, 80 pieces of content brought in a whopping 915,200+ reach and 843,200+ engagements.

Our self-serve platform does the work for you. All you have to do is sign up and upload the brief. Our expertise and technology do the heavy lifting, so you can run the most successful influencer marketing campaigns. 

With an ever-growing community of creators of all sizes and automation, DYT accelerates the speed-to-market for all campaigns. And it all begins with finding the perfect influencers, which, by the way, are much closer than you think. 


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