Influencer Marketing Hub in India

Influencer Marketing Hub in India

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Bigger is not always better. Especially, when it comes to social media influencers.

Influencer marketing in India is immensely popular right now because it is one strategy that offers hard results in almost all domains and niches. We, at Do Your Thng, help you achieve these results with our reliable and effective Instagram influencer marketing services.
As a creator community platform, we have built a team of influencers who publish content that intrinsically and organically promote your brand, product, or service amongst their community.
Relying on proprietary algorithms and AI, we provide you with a reliable influencer marketing solution. Solution that outrank traditional marketing strategies.
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Why Make Use of Our Instagram Influencer Marketing Platform

The fastest-growing and affordable answer for online brands, an influencer marketing platform helps you yield desired and effective results.

Influencers are powerful brand advocates. So, when you run a marketing campaign with us on any social media platform, you get quantifiable results on investment.

Our community is home to, nano, micro and mid-tier influencers who already have an ‘in’ to a sea of engaged audiences. It is why, with our influencer marketing platform has proven to reach your target customer easily.

Improves the Reach

The global population utilises social media platforms extensively. The data proves it, time and again. Getting your brand on any of these platforms maximise your reach to potential, current, and past customers.

Do Your Thng aids you in leveraging this benefit by designing compelling influencer marketing campaigns for your brand and then promote it to reach a targeted audience.

DYT helps you send your message that is heard and seen by your kind of customer.

Higher Rate of Engagement

Do Your Thng has a strong network of social media influencer spanning the entire length and breadth of the social platforms. Each wavemaker, as we call our influencers, has a robust follower base.

It gives us access to the ace cards in the game of best influencer marketing solutions. With each post our wavemakers publish, you get a higher interaction rate.

When a brand uses our influencer marketing tools to design influencer marketing campaigns on various platforms, we ensure that the engagement ratio significantly higher.

Better Choice in Influencers and Content

If we catch your fancy and you make Do Your Thng a partner in creating influencer marketing campaigns, you will get better choices in influencers. We have expert and real influencers with real power. Because each influencer who is part of the community is known as a credible and trusted source in their niche, they make a quantifiable impact.

From food bloggers to travel, fashion enthusiasts to e-commerce experts and more, with us you find influencers from across all segments giving you the freedom to choose the influencers proficient in your domain.
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DYT Moves Beyond Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Instantaneous Campaigns

AI-based Creator Discovery

ROI Driven Results

Measure, Learn & Scale

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Making Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns Successful

Do Your Thng is the leading Influencer Marketing Agency India that helps create persuasive and striking marketing strategies when it comes to promoting your products and brand on social media.

As savants in the field, we support you when settting clear goals and KPIs. With the largest community of nano, micro, and mega influencers, finding the ideal creators for your campaigns is effortless.

DYT Moves Beyond Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Instantaneous campaigns

AI-based creator discovery

ROI driven results

Measure, learn and scale


We create a collaborative structure  so that you get on your fingertips all the required influencer marketing solutions. We give you the arsenal needed to make it a big on social platforms. The cherry on the lemon-sponge vanilla cake? Forget about beyond budget, running a campaign with us is downright affordable, and it yields you the desired results. Intrigued? Then give us a call or drop us a mail. We’d love to have a chat!