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Instagram Influencer Marketing is all about associating with the popular Instagram users that have more substantial, targeted followers or audience with the purpose to promote your products and services and achieve a business goal. Every business, be it a non-profit organization or a service brandbenefit from these services. It aids them to reach the targeted audiences and convert them into qualified leads.

 Influencer Marketing is not easy. It demands expertiseand time, specially so if you want to reap its maximum benefits. So, if you lack in-house expertise, then consider expanding the team by entrusting the job to someone that specializes in the field.

Do Your Thng is the Leading Instagram Influencer Marketing team that can help you gain access to strategies and retain successful marketing campaigns.

How Can Leading Instagram Influencer Marketing Help?

Having Influencer Marketing experts like doyourthng.com with you can help you achieve your business goals with ease.

We work in tandem with the clients to determine specific campaign goals and then build an association with our repertoire of Instagram Influencers who publish relevant content for your campaigns. Besides, our experts also analyse partner post-performance for you to understand what works and what not. Based on results we apply the learnings, make alterations and create future posts that work better.

Being the first shared economy platform in the nation, when it comes to Influencer Marketing for Instagram, Do Your Thng utilises analytics to determine the right influencers for your product or service. Through the platform brands not only attain set and specific goals but continue to work with our wavemakers in the long-term.

What makes us so successful at Instagram or Pinterest Influencer Marketing? We laser focus on finding influencers within your niche with excellent engagement. DYT also ensures that only relevant and authentic content is published so that achieve your goals becomes that much seamless.

With DYT, even atight campaigning budget works because we reach your targeted audiences who are close to buying the products by approaching Nano Influencer.These are high-engagement influencers who have a small follower base and charge relatively low prices for their services. Because the type of content nano or micro influencers share gives the audience the right information, the purchasing decision is faster.

According to the researchers and studies, pairing company’s resources and objectives with right Instagram Influencersis likely to gain ten times more ROI compared to banner ads. Moreover, the percentage of buyers increases by 11%. It signifies that through tailor-made Instagram Influencer Marketing campaigns, businesses can tap into high and targeted engagements for quality brand awareness. Hence, maximizes the number of loyal customers and conversion rates.

Right Candidates for Instagram Influencer Marketing!

An estimated 40% of the USA adults make use of Instagram, and about 70% of the users make purchases based on the content displayed on a social platform. These numbers vary in different countries but for most they lean towards the higher end. Based on these statistics, it is apparent that any can garner a plethora of benefit from tapping into the successful Instagram Influencer Marketing campaigns designed by Do Your Thng.

We are one of the newer Leading Instagram Influencer Marketing Companyon the block who know how to drive much-needed brand awareness, conversions and consideration. When you choose us as your partner for any social media platform, you get results. We help you display your competitive edge and value to yet untapped but massive section of consumers!

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