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Maximise Your Reach and Improve Conversion with Micro Influencer Marketing

The concept of Micro Influencer Marketing is in its infancy in the world of social media. The idea is similar to influencer marketing, but writ smaller. The process involves a brand associating with social media users with smaller following. Called Micro Influencers, the brand leverages them to promote services and products with visual posts rather than the sponsored ads.

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Where does Do Your Thng step in?

Finding these micro or even smaller influencers that fit your brand ethos like a glove is not easy. We are one of the first platform for influencers with the means to provide you with reliable and result-oriented micro influencers. Through our nano and micro influencer marketing services, you get the support needed to boost your marketing campaigns.

An end-to-end influencer platform todiscover, manage, leveragebest creators

Instantaneous campaigns

AI-based creator discovery

ROI driven results

Measure, learn and scale

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About Our Micro Influencer Marketing

Our creators are genuine social media users who have grown to be micro influencers because they are 100% real, unlike experts, celebs and public figures. Each influencer on the DYT platform is an expert in their niche because they are dedicated to a specific vertical. Every post and every content they publish is of their individual interest.

Unlike mega influencers, our nano and micro influencers have a modest number of followers which range from one thousand to one lakh. Yet, every single one of the followers is hyper-engaged which gives them an added advantage. They focus on delivering a deeper connection with the targeted audiences and hence create better engagement.

DYT’s micro-influencers generate about 87% higher engagement as compared to traditional influencers with millions of followers. Remember, as the number of followers increases the percentage of participation reduces automatically.

Significance of Micro Influencer Marketing

Being a disruptive leader of the field, we always suggest businesses to stay within the range of 10,000 to 100,000 followers because it has proven to be a sweet spot for better engagement.

From food bloggers to local fashionista to travellers and fitness guru, you will find micro influencers from all domains and field at Do Your Thng to suit your specific requirements.

Using our Micro Influencer Marketing platform may seem to be counter-intuitive. But believe us you, it delivers augmented results to brands when weighed in with conventional traditional marketing. 

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Deliver Better Engagement Rates

Surveys say when the number of followers on a social media handle increases, the comments and likes gradually reduce. This is the reason why experts suggest that businesses must approach influencers with followings in the range of 1000-100,000.

Even with a smaller audience, the engagement that arises and leads that pan out is greater, significantly. It is also established that the micro influencers are likely to generate 22 times more conversations as compared to the typical mega influencer marketing.

Why? Because they provide factual information, and are trusted as knowledgeable in their domain and passionate about their interest areas.

Get Targeted Audiences

Followers on micro influencer are highly specific and typically fall in a particular niche. So, picking the right influencer offers brands an into a very targeted audience.

The audience of mega influencers in comparison is like finding a needle in a haystack. Working with Do Your Thng, you can capture this engaged and focused demographic to achieve higher conversion rates. All the while boosting engagement on your online channels.
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Get the Affordable Option

Do Your Thng offers cost-effective and affordable influencer marketing plans that fit your budget. Since the cost of the micro influencer charge a more modest few compared to celebrities and macro influencers, you get to save a considerable amount.

Brands wish to work with Do Your Thng not because the micro influencer platform delivers quality results and maximises reach but because it is gives real return on dollars spent.