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Deeper Reach and Better Conversion with Micro Influencer Platform

It takes more than collaborating with an influencer to drive results for a brand. And that is where a micro influencer platform come in. 

What’s micro influencer marketing? It’s campaigning with creators with a smaller audience than mega-influencers and celebrities to promote products or services. 

Because their following is small, micro-influencers give brands a deeper and more focused reach into their target market. And because their following is loyal, micro-influencer marketing campaigns have better leads, conversions and sales. 

Do Your Thng: The Effortless Micro Influencers Platform

Finding micro-influencers that fit your brand ethos like a glove is not easy. Rather, it is one of the thorniest challenges of influencer marketing campaign execution. At DYT, one of the few AI-driven influencer platforms for creators in India, we make discovery effortless for brands. 

Unlike a micro influencer agency in India, the pool of creators we offer is not limited. Moreover, with keyword and personality-based search, brands can find the perfect creators to boost campaigns. And if micro-influencers don’t fit the bill, DYT has a universe of nano influencers and mid-tier creators! 

One Of The Best influencer Platforms For Creators

Out of the entire list of influencer marketing platforms in India, DYT stands out for one reason. Our creators are genuine social media users who have organically grown into micro influencers.

They are 100% real, unlike experts, celebs and public figures. Each creator on our micro influencer platform is an expert in their niche, dedicated to a specific vertical. Every post and every piece of content they publish is of their individual interest.

Yes, micro-influencers have a modest number of followers. Yet, every single one of the followers is hyper-engaged which gives a brand an added advantage. A campaign leveraging a micro influencer platform ensures a deeper connection with the targeted audiences and better engagement.

On average, micro-influencers generate about 87% higher engagement as compared to traditional influencers with millions of followers. Remember, as the number of followers increases the percentage of participation reduces automatically.

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An end-to-end micro influencer platform todiscover, manage, leveragebest creators

micro influencer platform india

Instantaneous campaigns

AI-based creator discovery

ROI driven results

Measure, learn and scale

Benefits Of Micro Influencer Platform

Being a disruptive leader in the field of influencer platforms for creators, we connect your brand with the creator economy.

Besides helping brands find creators that have proven to be a sweet spot for better engagement, we offer campaign analytics to measure the success of a micro-influencer marketing campaign in hard numbers. 

From food bloggers to fashion influencers to travellers and fitness gurus, Do Your Thng has every type of influencer to suit specific requirements.

Using our micro-influencer marketing platform may seem to be counter-intuitive. But believe us, it delivers data-backed results as compared to conventional traditional marketing all within your budget.

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Micro Influencers Deliver Better Engagement Rates

Surveys have proven that when the number of followers on a social media influencer increases, the comments and likes gradually reduce. It’s why experts advocate that brands approach influencers with followings in the range of 10,000-100,000.

Micro-influencers are likely to generate 22 times more conversations as compared to typical mega-influencers. Why? Because they provide factual information and are trusted as knowledgeable in their domain and passionate about their interest areas.

No wonder, every brand that has leveraged our influencer platform for creators to run micro-influencer campaigns has had higher engagement and greater leads. Significantly.

Get Targeted Audiences With Micro Influencer Platforms

Followers of micro-influencers are highly specific and typically fall in a particular niche. So, when brands leverage micro influencer platforms, they get access to a very targeted audience. In comparison, using mega-influencers is like shooting a dart in the dark because their audience varies widely.

Use Do Your Thng’s influencer platform for creators and capture this engaged and focused demographic to achieve higher conversion rates. All the while boosting engagement on your online channels.

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More Affordable Than A Micro Influencer Agency In India

Not every brand has the budget to hire a micro influencer agency in India. Influencer platforms for creators, like Do Your Thng, make a cost-effective alternative. Since you’re using a platform, the pricing plans are more affordable,

Moreover, micro influencers charge a fraction of what celebrities and macro-influencers ask. It ensures every brand can execute a micro-influencer marketing campaign to fit their budget.

Brands work with Do Your Thng not because the micro influencer platform delivers quality results and maximises reach but because it gives a real return on dollars spent.