Not Your Usual Nano Influencer Platform In India

Not Your Usual Nano Influencer Platform In India

Low Budget? No Results? A Nano Influencer Platform Is The Answer

At Do Your Thng, a self-serve nano influencer platform and not your usual nano influencer marketing agency in India, we help you achieve results. 

It’s true. Brands have finally, accepted and adopted influencer marketing. But they unwittingly assume that the bigger the influencer, the better the results. In reality, it is not always true.

You don’t need to rope in an influencer with a massive following to get the best outcomes. Rather, it’s nano influencer campaigns that prove to engage viewers and turn them into paying customers.

That’s why brands looking for nano-influencers in India get a better ROI for every dollar spent on influencer campaigns. 

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Finding The Golden Goose With A Nano Influencer Platform

Unlike regular mega influencer campaigns or micro-influencer marketing, Do Your Thng focuses on nano influencers. Our universe of influencers has followers of every range, from 100 to 10,000.

So, if you’re looking for a list of nano influencers from India around a specific subject, topic or niche, our platform can help. These small and nano-sized creators have extremely engaged communities and when they agree to collaborate with a brand they have a vested personal interest.

Combined, it makes nano-influencer the golden goose for brands. And our nano influencer platform helps you find them for you.

Instantaneous campaigns

AI-based creator discovery

ROI driven results

Measure, learn and scale


Instantaneous Campaigns

AI-based Creator Discovery

ROI Driven Results

Measure, Learn & Scale

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Our Creators Are Your Nano Influencers: More Than Profitable Assets

Opting for a nano influencer platform that focuses on building a long and comprehensive list of nano influencers in India may appear counter-intuitive. But believe us when we say that nano-influencers play a crucial role in boosting a brand’s image and engagement strategy.

Why? Because while only 30% of the consumers follow the big-name influencer, 70% of users are swayed by smaller social media influencers. It makes collaborations with nano-influencers more than profitable for brands.

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Brands Looking For Nano Influencers In India

The consumer of today is smart. They recognise paid content in a nano-second and scroll past it through muscle memory. The content smaller creators make and publish has a very organic feel to it. This builds trust in followers. Moreover, the content has a better level of authenticity rarely found in seasoned influencers and celebrities.

That’s why we built a nano influencer marketing platform. So, when brands come looking for influencers, we can direct them towards creators who promote the product or
service with the same degree of intimacy as a recommendation from a friend.

Nano Influencer Platforms Are Cost Effective

When you partner with us for Instagram influencer service, the cost of running a campaign is a fraction compared to hiring a nano influencer marketing agency in India. First, because we are a platform, not an agency most of the work is automated so our pricing plans are very affordable. Second, nano-influencers don’t charge through the nose like mega-influencers. 

This ability to execute influencer marketing campaigns in India at scale and within budget is the biggest advantage. But a close second is collaborating with regional influencers. Still a growing niche populated mostly by small influencers, it’s ideal for brands thinking of expanding in a particular state or region. 

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Get Better RoI With A Nano Influencer Platform India

Millennials explicitly trust their peers more than others. For every nano influencer a brand ropes in, they get an eyewatering engagement of 9%. Even if 1% of these convert into leads, the ROI of the influencer marketing campaign is much, much greater than one which relies on celebrities or mega-influencers.

Yes, the precise engagement rate differs based on whether the campaign utilises YouTube nano-influencers, Instagram nano-influencer or some other platform. But the gist remains the same. When brands go looking for nano-influencers in India, they get guaranteed results.