When you connect your Social Media Accounts, the app would ask for certain permissions (as listed below). We require these permissions to better your experience on the app and to give you relevant and contextual campaigns to participate in. This would increase your chances of monetisation and would also give you content and campaigns based on your liking.

All the data we take is stored in line with the most stringent norms on data security and privacy and we do not share this data with any third party. You can click here ( to know more about our privacy policy.

In the rare event of the permissions not being granted, the app might not work in the most optimised manner for you.

  • User_likes,
  • User_photos,
  • User_videos,
  • User_posts,
  • Email,
  • Pages_show_list,
  • Instagram_basic,
  • Instagram_manage_insights,
  • Pages_read_engagement,
  • Public_profile