Pinterest Social Media Marketing and Advertising

Pinterest Advertising and Influencer Marketing to Increase Influx of Traffic

When we discuss social media marketing, the first platform that strikes our mind is Facebook followed by Instagram and Twitter. This is because these platforms are quite popular and work efficiently to promote a business. But, if you want to do something out of the box with a dash of creativity, consider using Pinterest for Pinterest Influencer Marketing, which has the vast potential to advertise your business.

Pinterest is the 5th most popular social media platform with over 700 million visitors per month. Visually appealing, the social platform also has the highest engagement rate. This makes it the ideal choice for businesses that desire to reach targeted audiences and increase the influx of traffic to their sites.

At DYT, we cater to Pinterest Advertising services that guarantee increased revenue and customer base of your brand.

What Exactly is Pinterest Social Media Marketing?

Pinterest is the popular Social Media Platform that is based on the concept of sharing visuals and images. Users share videos, images which can then be search through the platform by other. Due to this fact, Pinterest is considered to be the largest search engine for the visual content.

The contents as published by the users are referred to as pin and users are called as pinners. Pinners can easily theme and customize their boards with option of keeping it public or private. A board can be followed by other pinners in the community.

At Do Your Thng, we have three options in Pinterest Advertising: Manual, Repin or Share Visuals that you find through your feed or using an internet search. Advertising on Pinterest is more than an effective way to get the word out about your business. 

What makes us the Pinterest Social Media Marketing Company with a difference? We enable the pinners to share the notion and inspire others, unlike other social platforms.

Why Opt for Pinterest Advertising ?

Only users of Pinterest realise how big the platform has become over time. From advertising to Pinterest Affiliate Marketing, it has been converted into go-to tools for a variety of businesses, especially for those who want to drive in targeted traffic to their sites using the related visuals.

However, when compared to other social media platforms for Micro Influencer Marketing, Pinterest is quite small. Yet, people who use it for social promotion are quite engaged with the platform which indicates a higher chance of getting more people to click through and be redirected to your site.

Pinterest users prefer using it for finding their interest product on it. Moreover, they even prefer buying products which they find interesting on the platform via active search or right through their feed. This gives the platform an upper hand on marketing as it has the capabilities to drive more traffic and ultimately sales.

About 90% of the active users on Pinterest use the platform to plan and research for their future purchasing.Moreover, most of the pinners usually purchase products after seeing a displayed ad or promoted pin.  Finding a variety of promoted pins that are geared towards Pinterest Advertising for a specific demographic is par for the course for the platform.

It, therefore, makes for a smart decision for businesses to use our reliable and result oriented Pinterest Social Media Marketing.  With Do Your Thng’s services you not only help pinners find, plan and make their purchases but also promote your brand to a whole new customer pool.