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Pinterest Influencer Marketing For Traffic Influx

When we discuss social media marketing, the first platform that comes to our mind is Facebook, followed by Instagram and Twitter. These platforms are quite popular and work efficiently to promote a business. But, in this digital era, brands must think outside of the box. That’s where Pinterest influencer marketing steps in.

Pinterest is the 5th most popular social media platform, with over 700 million visitors per month. Visually appealing, the social platform also has the highest engagement rate. These factors make influencer marketing on Pinterest the ideal choice for brands.

With a dash of creativity, influencer marketing campaigns can reach targeted audiences and increase the influx of traffic. At DYT, we deliver influencer marketing services that guarantee increased revenue and customer base for your brand.

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What Is Influencer Marketing On Pinterest?

Pinterest allows users to share inspiring visuals and images. These images and graphics are searchable and can be pinned by another user to their own Pinterest board. 

The content published by users is called a “Pin,” and users are known as “Pinners.” Pinners can easily add themes and customise their boards with the option of keeping them public or private. A board can be followed by other Pinners in the community.

When brands rely on Pinners to inspire people to try and buy their products, it’s called Pinterest influencer marketing. Currently, Pinterest is considered one of the largest search engines for visual content.

Given that visual content is the holy grail, influencer marketing on Pinterest is slowly becoming an effective way to get the word out about your brand. So much so that it’s going head to head with Instagram Social Media Marketing.


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Why Opt for Pinterest Influencer Marketing?

Over time, the Pinterest influencer network has grown. 433 million people use Pinterest every month to find ideas and inspire their next purchase. When it comes to demographics, Indian Pinners aged 25-34 have increased 30% year over year on the platform. 

Unlike other socials, people don’t come to Pinterest to fend off FOMO or doomscroll. They use it to try new thngs, save new ideas and often, make their next purchase. Most pinners usually buy products after seeing a displayed ad or promoted pin. 

Finding a variety of promoted pins that are geared towards their interest is par for the course on the platform. And that’s why every brand needs to opt for Pinterest influencer marketing!

So, if you want not just targeted traffic but actual sales, using influencers on Pinterest is a given. What’s even better? Compared to other social media platforms, nano, and micro-influencer marketing is quite small. 

Since it’s not saturated with branded or sponsored content, click-throughs and engagement is higher. An added benefit is that Pinterest users rely on it to find products they are already interested in. It gives the platform an upper hand in influencer marketing in driving more traffic and ultimately sales.

How To Find Influencers On Pinterest?

There are three ways to find influencers on Pinterest. A brand can go through the tedious, costly, and time-consuming process of manually browsing through Pins and boards to find them.

Or they can hire a Pinterest influencer marketing agency to outsource the task. While this does reduce the workload on the marketing team, it doesn’t guarantee the right Pinterest influencer. 

The third choice is leveraging a Pinterest influencer marketing platform like Do Your Thng. DYT not only automates creator discovery, but it also offers brands the ability to find influencers on Pinterest using keyword-based searches and personality matches.

Besides helping find the perfect Pinterest influencers, the platform reduces the back and forth between the brand team and creators during campaign execution. What’s more? You get to run influencer marketing on Pinterest at an affordable price!

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