Let's your advocates do the talking

Take a fresh approach to influencer marketing. Move beyond influencers to brand advocates - real product users who create content that delivers result.

A better way to collaborate with
authentic creators

Accordion Content

Tap the power of brand advocates and create a campaign in under 10 minutes

Unlock high-quality content with private campaigns using a handful of pre-approved creators with engaged communities. Or scale your marketing with public campaigns that rope in a crowd of nano and micro creators.

You have complete access to every little campaign detail to grow faster

Approve, reject, give feedback or negotiate on any content from a volume of eye-catching creator work.

Watch approved content reach thousands of users, building awareness, creating engagement and ringing in sales.

Use key metrics to witness the effect of campaigns done with speed and at scale

Spot which content cuts through the noise by tracking key metrics.

Purchase the rights to the best content and convert them into digital ads to amplify engagement.

Reaching your marketing goals is an art and a science

We bring in science with a data-driven platform. Our 60,000+ strong community of nano,
micro and macro creators in every possible vertical brings in the art.

Rely on analytical, personality-based pairings

Keyword-based creator discovery is a hit-and-miss. Our advanced, AI-powered algorithm uses personality-based analysis to identify ace content partners. With dozens of smart filters, it makes the search effortless.

Keep it all in one place

Our content library collates the ever-growing creator content in one place. Review, evaluate, or share access with your team for seamless campaigns. Better yet, purchase permanent rights to the content you love.

Humanise your brand with communities

Organise brand-loyal, impactful creators of a particular niche into groups. Create small,
relevant communities that you can instantly access when the need arises.

Track and measure what matters

Keep an eye on performance analytics, measure metrics at a granular level, and then implement insights into future campaigns for better brand reputation and relevance.

Power your brand safety

We guarantee the authenticity of every creator, their content and their audience at DYT. Only vetted creators make it to the platform, keeping your brand safe and investment protected.

Cultivate communities with complete transparency

A subscription to our platform comes with no hidden costs. All payments are upfront and made right from the dashboard. You get a clear view of where your investment is leveraged.

A fresh approach to telling your brand story

By the people, for the people

Arm your team with a tool that empowers them to run creator campaigns on their own and with conviction.