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Gated Content


Workshops help you grow as a creator. You can attend an online workshop for social media creators to learn more and create more. Or you can host an online workshop to earn money to earn more. 

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Gated Content

DYT Studio also has gated content to help you earn more. It’s exclusive content that you can sell to your community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about DYT Studio

What are DYT Workshops?

These are paid online workshops and yet another way the Do Your Thng app helps creators earn money. You can create a workshop on a subject of your choice and then host it through the app. 

Why should you host a workshop?

77% of creators still depend on brand campaigns to earn. DYT Workshops give a different way to make money online. So, if you have knowledge on a topic, create an online workshop, put a price on it and sell it within your community.

How to register as a host and schedule your own DYT Workshops?

To register as a host and schedule your online workshop, go to DYT Studio.

  • Click on the purple "Manage Workshop" button. Use a phone number or email ID to log in and get verified.
  • If you’re a new user, you’ll be asked to sign up.
  • Fill in all the details. Take your time. Make it accurate and as detailed as possible to increase your chances of approval.
  • And then hit submit. We’ll review the details to see if you qualify as a host and then approve. 
  • That’s it. You’ll get an email confirming that your workshop is scheduled, along with a link to it.

What steps and best practices to follow when creating a DYT workshop?

Here are a few thngs to do to make your DYT Workshop a success.

  • Have a decent, stable internet connection and a backup.
  • Plan the entire workshop. Create a document or, even better, a presentation that you can show to attendees.
  • Don’t just read from the document or PPT, rather build upon it, as if you’re teaching someone.
  • One-liners don’t work. If your online workshop is on 10 ways to earn money online, explain each of them in detail.
  • Think of an ice-breaker. It’ll help you connect with the audience better and bring in more engagement.
  • Always keep some time for Q& A, either right at the end or as the online workshop progresses.
  • Before you finish the workshop, ask people for feedback. It’ll help you improve and earn more with the next workshop.
  • Don’t forget to thank people for attending!

What is gated content?

Gated content is exclusive, paid content that you can sell to your community. To unlock the content, a user has to purchase the content from you.

Once the payment is successful, it’s added to your DYT wallet and the user can download the content.

What type of content can you sell with gated content?

It can be an image, a video or a file. You can set your own price and decide for how many days the gated content is available for purchase.

How to create gated content?

Go to DYT Studio > gated content > Create button (screen bottom).

Fill in the details, including the price and expiry date, upload your content, and then tap Publish.

That’s it! Your gated content is now live, and you can use the dashboard to keep an eye on how much you’ve earned through it.

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