How To Connect Your Instagram Account To Do Your Thng

Since Instagram and Facebook come under Meta the process of connecting both accounts is through your Facebook Page.

In August 2020, Instagram removed the ability for 3rd-party apps like DYT to publish on behalf of personal profiles. Translation: It’s not possible to connect your personal Instagram profile to DYT.

You can only connect an Instagram Business account or Creator account to DYT. It’s not our thng. That’s just how Meta does it. If you haven’t switched to one, please do. If you don’t know how: watch this video. We’ve linked it to the right place. For the written steps, go here or here

Why should you convert to a Creator or Business account? We explain it here.

Connecting your Instagram Business or Creator account to DYT

1. On the DYT app, tap on your profile avatar (or name) in the top left corner of the home screen.

2. Next, tap the 3 vertical dots (top right corner).

3. Tap on Settings from the drop-down menu.

4. Tap Connect next to Facebook & Instagram.

connect instagram to dyt

5. Tap on “Authenticate with Facebook.” As we said before, Instagram accounts must be linked to a Facebook Page in order to connect them to DYT. This is why the authentication process needs to be completed within Facebook.

Dyt social media connect

6. Enter your Facebook login credentials and tap Login.

You have to log in to the Facebook profile that has admin access to the Facebook Page connected to your Instagram account. If you log into a Facebook profile without an admin role on the Page, you will not see your Instagram business account listed in the next step.

7. If you’re already signed in to Facebook, you will just need to enter your password and tap “Continue as (your username).”

8. If you have more than one Instagram business account, pick the one you want to link to DYT.

9. Next, choose the Facebook page you want to connect to DYT and tap Next.

unnamed (16)

10. The next screen will show you “What is Do Your Thng allowed to do?” You see this because Facebook’s guidelines say so. But removing any of the permissions will mean that DYT will not be able to authenticate with Facebook. Translation: it will not be possible to connect your Instagram account. So, leave them as-is and click “Done.”

11. Your DYT account is now  linked with Facebook .

12. Once you click OK on the screen above, you’ll automatically land back on the DYT app and will be asked to select a primary Instagram account.

linked to DYT

13. Once you choose an account and hit save, you’ve successfully linked Instagram to DYT. On Settings you’ll be able to see your Instagram username.

14. If you have more than 1 Instagram Creator or Business account, you can switch between them. Tap on the arrow next to Instagram. A page will pop-up showing all your accounts. Pick one. 

switch between primary accounts

A video walkthrough of how to connect your Instagram account to DYT

Instagram Not Connecting To DYT? Let’s Troubleshoot

Instagram and Facebook have complicated APIs (that little thng which links your account to DYT). So, at times, connecting (or reconnecting) your Instagram account to Do Your Thng can prove tricky.

This section helps you troubleshoot some of the most common errors and problems creators face when linking their Instagram accounts.

If you’re connecting your account for the first time and don’t know how: read how to connect your Instagram Business or Creator account to DYT

Before you begin

The most common problem creators face is “I try to connect but nothing happens, or it shows,Please try again. The answer is frequently one of these:

  1. Your Instagram account has not been converted to a Business or Creator account. (Convert it.)
  2. Your Instagram account is not linked to Facebook. (Link it.)
  3. Your personal Facebook profile does not have the admin role on the Page that is linked to your Instagram account. (Use one that has it or get admin access.)
  4. You’ve not given all permissions to DYT to access your Facebook account. (Allow them as shown in the image below)

5 . You are using Facebook Lite. (Use the full app.)

We urge you to double-check all points, and if you are still not able to connect your Instagram account to DYT, try the checklist.

Troubleshoot checklist

1. You get a random error from Facebook or Instagram. It’s because your Instagram account and your Facebook page are not properly linked together.

  • Use a desktop or laptop (not your phone) to log in to Facebook and go to Pages  (in the left-hand sidebar).
  • Click on the Page that is linked to your Instagram Business or Creator account and then go to Settings (in the left-hand sidebar).
  • Click on Instagram:
    • If you see the “Connect Account” button, it means your Instagram account is not linked to your Facebook Page. Link them and then try connecting your Instagram account to Do Your Thng again.
    • If you see the “Switch Now” button, it means your Instagram account is linked to your Facebook Page, but it hasn’t been converted to a business account. Click the button and follow the steps to convert it. Once done, try connecting your Instagram account to Do Your Thng again.

2. You try to log in to Facebook, but the app shows a blank page.

  • Try uninstalling and reinstalling the Facebook app.
  • Then redo the steps to connect your Instagram account to Do Your Thng.

3. Your Instagram account is connected but the profile information is not updated in DYT. For example, you recently changed your Instagram handle, but on DYT it still shows the old name.

  • In this case, you must re-authorize Facebook and reconnect your Instagram account.
  • For that, first, you need to remove any existing Facebook and Instagram accounts you have connected to DYT.
  • Go to Business Integrations on your Facebook page, select DYT and click “Remove.”
  • After you complete all the steps to disconnect the account, head back to Do Your Thng and try connecting to Instagram again.

If you still face an issue after attempting all these steps, get in touch with our Customer Support team.

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