About Us

Do Your Thng began as one bloke searching for a place to do what he loved. Today, we are a community of creators. A space for ordinary content makers that helps them
be better advocates.

We aren’t talking about bigshots who pose with ‘Yeezy’s on’ because they were paid to do so. We mean those who are passionate about what they do, the ones who scrimp and save to get their hands on the very same Yeezy’s and wear them with pride.

We call all you passionate people ‘The wavemakers.’ You are young, social media users who can be challengers, thinkers, artists, bloggers, just about anyone with the zeal to create.

We are building the league for two reasons. One is to forge a safe haven, a silken cocoon that enables individuals like you to grab your passion with both hands and run with it, while we do the hard (and often tedious) work.

The other is to change the future of creators and how they collaborate with businesses. A future void of fake followers, and misleading engagement, instead we foster a league that reclaims authenticity with content just as strong.

This platform is for you.

Our Story

If you are anything like us, then our origin story will
help you understand better…

Do Your Thng was put together by the daring of a single creator in a single moment. For a boy from India, it took a lone instance to turn curiosity into an idea and then into reality.

The curiosity was, “how the hell people find time to do what they love in the middle of a day and the middle of a work week?”

The idea was, “what if there was a space that inspired, encouraged and supported others to do what they love?”

The reality turned out to be Do Your Thng.

That’s the abridged version of the birth of Do Your Thng. The longer version involves a man sitting in a park somewhere in London, ruminating a decade of struggle, one bizarre dream and a constant drumbeat to do your own thing. Combined, they stirred the creative confidence of that one bloke to collaborate with others and built this platform.

We’ve put more than hard work into DYT. Our sweat, our dreams, our joys and our tears are mixed into it. We hope it will stir and hone oodles of people to be who they want to be.

Do Your Thing and make the most of it.

Meet The Team

It took one person to build Do Your Thng. And it took the mentoring of three others to get it off the ground. Just 4 engines-who-could but each one a damn good human being.

Ankit Agarwal


He believes that every person has the ability to influence the people in their life and drive conversations. These conversations can be leveraged by companies. It was this belief that formed the crux of Do Your Thng. He is the gale force that stirred Do Your Thng. Want to know more about the nitty-gritties of his long career? Peep here.

Sorabh Agarwal


Nothing can be built without some dough and a person to advise on how to use it. For us, that saviour in disguise is Sorabh. He is the one we go to when we have questions over The Greenback Boogie. Glance inside the genius of Sorabh.

Shams Jasani


Marketing or advertising content is an evolutionary process, and no one knows it better than Shams Jasani. When we get turned inside out by the rigmarole of digital marketing, he is our go-to person. In other words, he’s our call to action! Peek inside the genius of Shams Jasani.

Nikhil Sarup


Cover your bases and when that is not possible, have a safety net. That’s the first rule of life. For Do Your Thng, the man who makes sure that we don’t end up making half-assed mistakes is Nikhil Sarup. Get a glimpse of the incredible journey of Nikhil.