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Do Your Thng offers everything you need to build, engage and monetise your content and community
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We're an influencer app that helps creators earn a living without all the heavy lifting. We're exactly what our name says - a safe space for content creators to do what they love and foster an engaged community.

We help you manage all the little, big thngs that come hand-in-hand with being a creator. So you worry less about making money as an influencer and focus more on being creative.
Learn how to be a better creator or grow your audience through exclusive courses.

Making money as an influencer is easy with DYT. Create an account. Choose a brand campaign you love. Create content, share it with your fans and get paid.
We treat every creator as a micro-entrepreneur, helping them with additional services like legal and financial, so they can focus on what they love - being creative.

An all-in-one app tailor-made for creators to grow their orbit

  • Upskill
  • Monetise
  • Manage


Learn how to be a better creator and grow your audience through exclusive courses built by the best in their class

Do Your Thng influencer app


Making money as an influencer is easy with DYT: make an account, pick a campaign, create content, share and get paid


DYT offers with additional services to make content creation easy because we believe every creator is a micro-entrepreneur


Get access to campaigns from the hottest brands.
Review briefs, submit content, negotiate deals, and track payments with one app


Use DYT Chat to connect with a community of creators. Learn from them or increase your reach by cross-collaborating with them


DYT Wallet let’s you track which campaign has paid you, which one is yet to, so making money as an influencer becomes easy and effortless


The security of your data is our top priority.  So, we  keep it locked tight and protected by following ISO/ IEC 27001 : 2013 standards

Grow With Pro

And up your content game

Do Your Thng Pro helps you with every nitty-gritty of running a creator business. From legal contracts to tools, it offers support that simplify a creator's life. So, you get to do your Thng and focus on what matters most.

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All you need is a community. Build one with DYT.